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How can i get a cdl license for free?


We are asked many times a week “how can I get a cdl license without going to school?” Or we are “asked can I get a cdl license for free”?

The answer to both above questions is a definite yes! In some parts of the US and in certain states, they only requirements are that you pay your fess and you have passed the cdl test.

Beware, that taking this route might mean you end up with a cdl license that has little or no real value.

This approach will only give you an intrastate Commercial Driving License.

An intrastate CDL is only valid to drive in the state it was issued in and potential not valid in all other states.

To obtain a Interstate Commercial Driver’s License, which is valid in all states in the USA the applicant must be 21 years of age or over.

If you hold an Intrastate CDL and are between 18020 this will automatically be converted to interstate CDL and this means you can drive anywhere in the USA.

In most states the DMV will require some form of require evidence of attending a commercial driving school.

It will be really difficult for you to find a commercial carrier that will employ you without certification showing you have study road operations, tractor-trailer systems, and the regulations of the FMCSA). A trade organisation to oversee commercial drivers and trucking companies.

If your sole aim is to pass you CDL test there are many resources online that have mock tests, just do a google search for CDL Test Yourstate” or CDL Mock Test Yourstate”. For example, if you lived in Texas you might type into your Phone or Google on any device “CDL Test Texas”, that is if you live in Texas.

In Summary

The answer to the question “can I get a cdl license for free?” is a definite yes, but it will be of limited value without additional training at an approved CDL School, it will reduce you chances of getting a decent trucking job, with a reasonable CDL salary.

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